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About Us

Leonora Hammond’s flair for interior design was her motivation in setting up her wall sticker business along with her desire to be individual. Whilst we realise that the marketplace is fast becoming flooded with companies offering wall stickers we pride ourselves on our creative individuality.

Our unique range of wall stickers are made from a premium quality, semi permanent self adhesive vinyl film. Each and every one of our designs has been individually created and produced in our manufacturing plant in West Sussex. Our product range is designed to inspire you to become more creative and to help you realise the full potential of your home. Living spaces today are more diverse than ever and the possibilities now open to the home decorator are limitless. Whatever your personal environment, your living space should complement your particular style. Our wall stickers allow you to do just that. In addition to our standard range of wall stickers we offer a bespoke service specifically aimed at Interior Designers, Stylists, Developers and Commercial Businesses. This service enables us to work together on larger scale projects where necessary and enables us to produce graphics to suit each clients needs. Our wall art can therefore be reproduced to any scale and in a variety of formats.

Our wall stickers can also be used to enhance window displays for retail outlets. Our standard range of designs can either be tailored to your requirements or we can work together to create individual graphics to help boost sales and attract new customers. Please call us to get a quote or email us your requirements.